Aesop - hwyl


A smoky forest on your skin
Type: eau de toilette

First impression:
It's very Aesop.
What it looks like:
Something that you definitely want to display in your bathroom.
What is smells like: 
A woody mixture of spice, smoke and sensuality. Hwyl is a Welsh word that means something like "a stirring feeling of emotional motivation and energy", aka fun.
The ideal place to wear it:
To a date.
Ideal wearer:
Javier Bardem in Vicky Christina Barcelona.
What it says about you:
I love Comme des Garçons perfume but don't want to use Comme des Garçons perfume.
A great musky, smoky and complex scent that isn't instantly recognisable. Stays on your skin for a long time, and a great match for all Hinoki lovers.
Key ingredients / notes:
Cypress, Frankincense, Vetiver

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