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an alliance of rose and wood
Type: available in edt, edp and perfume oil

First impression:
A non-granny rose scent, even though you really do smell the rose immediately.
What it looks like:
Whether you have the EDT or the perfume oil, it still is a slick, minimalistic bottle with an apothecary feel.
What is smells like: 
For a rose perfume, this is a sexy one. Thanks to the cedar and olibanum notes of this blend, the rose gets a deeper, richer feel to it. It also smells a little bit like a fancy woman's jewellery box.
The ideal place to wear it:
An evening cocktail party with a lot of smart conversations.
Ideal wearer:
Amy Sall.
What it says about you:
Be a little intimidated.
A unisex fragrance that manages to maintain the sharpness of rose with a veil of sensuality behind it. A nice one! 
Key ingredients / notes:
Centifolia rose, cumin, olbanum, cedar.

Picture via Le Labo