Hermès – citron noir


A unisex citrus with character
Type: eau de cologne

First impression:
The bottle has clearly been made to attract male customers as well. The scent is very citrusy.
What it looks like:
A potion.
What is smells like: 
It smells like a spicy, sharp splash of lemon on a man's neck. The scent is comprised of lime and black tea, and something a little smoky. 
Ideal place to wear it:
A late summer garden party, but only when the sun has set and more drinks are brought out.
Ideal wearer:
Joan Baez, performing at that same party naturally.
What it says about you:
Regular citrus smells are too cute for me.
Loving it! A fresh, simple scent with depth. 
Key ingredients / notes:
Black lime, smoky & woody notes

Image via: Hèrmes